I am Ben Kettle. I am currently working to build developer-loved security tools as a software engineer at Semgrep.

I like running, downhill & nordic skiing, hiking, taking photos, and thinking & reading about how we can make our cities and towns work better and more sustainably for their residents, especially via transportation improvements.

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I can be reached via email at [email protected] and you can view my resume here.

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    Autogenerating a Book Series From Three Years of iMessages read more

    Tired of waiting for iMessage to load my messages from years ago, I printed them all out in a set of paperback books.

    Building a Safer FIDO2 Key with Privilege Separation and WebAssembly read more

    Plat, created for my Master's thesis, is a new FIDO2 security key that uses a new WebAssembly-based toolchain for ARM microcontrollers to privilege-separate individual components of the security key's software and protect against many types of bugs.

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