I currently work as a software engineer at Semgrep, where I am having lots of fun fleshing out our security tool and sitting on beanbags in the office. In my time outside of work, I try to work on software and electronics projects that excite me. I like to run and bike (casually) around beautiful San Francisco, and love to take transit out of the city on the weekends and go on long walks.

In May 2023, I finished my M.Eng. in electrical engineering and computer science with the PDOS group at MIT CSAIL. My thesis explored using WebAssembly as a privilege separation mechanism for safer security keys. I had the honor of being the TA for the second iteration of 6.1600, a new undergrad security class, and was one of several TAs for 6.5660, the graduate systems security class.

I earned my S.B. from MIT in 2022 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a minor in urban studies and planning. During undergrad, I interned at Keolis Commuter Services (trains!), Apple, and r2c (now Semgrep).